Junior Competition

Due to Stage 3 restrictions all competition has been placed on hold

To register or make enquiries, please contact our Junior Match Co-ordinator

Junior Match Co-ordinator

Beginner Competition

This competition runs over 3 weeks prior to the start of each season to evaluate your child’s readiness for Saturday Morning Junior Competition. Players are shown what they need to know prior to beginning Junior Competition. This includes:

  • basic tactics of doubles play
  • tennis etiquette
  • tennis rules and scoring.

As part of this program, parents/guardians are invited to attend an information session to find out all you need to know about Junior Club Competition. You are also given the opportunity to learn more about the game of tennis, including how to score. This program is invaluable to those who are considering playing Junior Competition with the club, making the transition from coaching lessons to playing tennis much smoother.

Saturday Morning Competition

The first round of the Spring 2020 season is now set to Commence on 10 October, provided clubs have been allowed to open and operate by that time.

Mill Park Tennis Club run a Junior Competition for kids under 18 years of age on Saturday mornings during the school term. Each team generally consists of 5 or 6 members with 4 members playing on a rotational basis each week. Should a team make finals all team members that qualify will play in finals matches.The teams are entered into the North Eastern Junior Tennis Association (NEJTA) competition where they compete against teams in the North East region in a home and away format. Each season runs for 14 weeks plus finals matches.Start times:

  • 8.00am Singles/Doubles
  • 9.30am Doubles (beginners)

There are two seasons per year :

  • Autumn – Terms 1 & 2
  • Spring – Terms 3 & 4

Ladders, Results & Fixtures
NEJTA Singles Match Rules
NEJTA Doubles Match Rules

All players, parents and spectators must adhere to the NEJTA Code of Conduct