Terms & Conditions


The club has a formal agreement with an accredited coach, Paul Vassallo. Paul and his assistants are the only people permitted to coach at the club. Court use by members at the club cannot give the impression of coaching to a casual observer. Coaching enquiries can be directed to Paul Vassallo on 0413 274 964.

Court Use

Court use is governed by rules as decided by the committee. These include but are not limited to:

  • A playing limit of one hour will apply if other members are waiting to use the courts.
  • The casual use of courts will be available at any time that they are not being used for competition or coaching purposes.
  • At no time is casual hitting to give the impression of professional coaching. A limit of 2 cans of tennis balls is allowed per court.
  • The court rules displayed at club to be observed.
  • Correct footwear must be worn. Any outer sole which has a lugged pattern (or studs) is unacceptable as it will chew up and leave marks across the surface, damaging the courts.
  • No smoking and No pets within the MPTC grounds.
  • No food (including chewing gum) is to be taken onto the courts.
  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, footballs, prams/strollers or any non-tennis associated equipment are permitted on the courts.
  • Players are required to observe tennis courtesies, as well as the rules of good conduct on and around the courts.
  • Due to the close proximity of our courts to local residencies, please be mindful of excess noise levels from the court area.
  • Show respect to all players at all times.
  • Please make sure you remove all rubbish.
  • Once finished, please bag the courts and ensure that the gates are closed and locked when you leave.
  • Have fun! The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good exercise, is to enjoy yourself.


You can obtain news updates on the club face book page. The club will post photos of members taken during club activities. If you do not want your photo posted, then please advise the club in writing.

Joining Fee

This is paid the first year a member joins the club and is not paid again, provided the membership remains current.

Key Hire

Members have the option of hiring a key from the club for the membership year. Locks are changed each membership year. Key Hire is $25 per membership year. To arrange collection of key after membership is paid, please contact either of the contact numbers on this form.

Light Hire

Night tennis is available to members. Night bookings are required 24 hours in advance and cost $10 per hour.

Membership Year

The club membership year for 2019-20 will cover the period from 1/5/19 until 30/4/20. Membership fees are set by members at the Annual General Meeting. Membership fees are pro-rated during the year and all memberships will expire on 30th April 2020.

Newsletters and Notices

The club will email notices to members. They will also be displayed in the clubrooms.

Tennis Victoria Affiliation

The Mill Park tennis club is affiliated with Tennis Victoria for the 2019-20 membership year. Name, address and email address details of members will be provided to Tennis Victoria/Tennis Australia for Personal Accident Liability insurance and Book a Court purposes. Please let the club know if you do not want the club to pass on these details.


Members are welcome to take occasional visitors to the club. Visitors are required to pay a fee of $5 per visitor per hour. This fee is to be paid prior to use. Regular users of the courts are required to become members.