NEJTA Junior Comp Update

“In a press conference yesterday, the State Government announced their ‘Roadmap to Reopening’, a roadmap which outlines the series of steps to get Victoria back to ‘COVID Normal’.
According to that press conference, October 26 2020 is the earliest possible date that we can expect non-contact sports to resume in any capacity. Even if full competition was allowed to begin from that date, it unfortunately does not leave enough time for the NEJTA to be able to host even a half-season of seven games plus finals. As a result, it is with a great sense of disappointment that the NEJTA must announce the cancellation of the Spring 2020 season.
We understand how frustrating this is to our players, spectators and volunteers, but we must adhere to directions issued and it is the Committee’s determination that community safety must be the first priority.
The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and it is our hope that we will be able to host an NEJTA multi-round tournament later in the year if restrictions are lifted enough to allow it and it is safe to do so.’