Wearing of Masks

From Thursday 23 July 2020, if you live within metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire, you must wear a face covering whenever you leave your home, unless an exception applies. A face covering needs to cover both your nose and mouth. It could be a face mask or shield.
The directions of the Victorian Government state:
  • Participants 12 years and older must wear a face covering, unless an exemption applies.
  • If you are doing strenuous physical exercise you do not need to wear a face covering but you must carry one with you. Strenuous exercise can include playing tennis.
  • Coaches must wear a face covering when travelling to and from a venue and while on court unless the face covering impacts on your ability to deliver instructions or if the activity is strenuous. You must have a face covering on you at all times.
  • Members, whilst masks aren’t required during social play, they must be worn before and after you finish playing. Once you step off the court, you must have your mask with you to wear immediately. Please have them in your pocket, ready to wear and not in the car.

AGM 2020 Extension

As per the clubs current constitution, an AGM must be conducted within 5 months of the end of the membership year. However, given the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, prior to the end of the membership year, the club sought an extension of this time frame from Consumer Affairs. I can report that this extension was granted.

Before the reintroduction of Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions, the club had intended on still holding the AGM at the club rooms. As the COVID-19 restrictions have once again tightened (returning to Stage 3 restrictions), the club will now be looking at conducting the AGM via a video platform.

The committee will be finalising the AGM details at the next committee meeting. So stay tuned for further details.

Once again the committee thank you for your patience and understanding.

NEJTA Back Up Plan

Under Stage 3 restrictions, no tennis competition will be allowed to resume.

The six-week lockdown will run past the initial planned start date of 15th August for the Spring 2020 season, meaning that the original plan for the Spring 2020 Season (ten rounds plus finals with six teams per section) is now no longer feasible. The NEJTA is now moving on to their back-up plan: a season which comprises of seven rounds plus finals with eight teams per section. Essentially a half-season where every team plays every other team once followed by a normal finals bracket.

The first round of the Spring 2020 season is now set to Commence on 10 October, provided clubs have been allowed to open and operate by that time.

The NEJTA is committed to trying to run a competition in the latter half of this year if it is at all possible and safe to do so.

Stage 3 Restrictions

With the government announcing the return to Stage 3 restrictions for the next 6 weeks you may be asking how this will impact tennis. Tennis has been identified as one of the sports that can continue however we will need to comply with strict restrictions.

Therefore the following restrictions will apply effective midnight 8th July 2020:

  • Casual play – singles only – maximum two people per court. In order to comply with these restrictions, the club can ONLY offer the use of The Lakes, South Morang venue to members and members of the public. All members and members of the public can book these courts using the Book-A-Court system. The Mill Park Members padlock, has been removed from the member entry gate at Mill Park venue
  • One to one tennis coaching is okay. This means private and semi-private lessons only (if players are from the same household). Group lessons and Squads are on hold for the first 6 weeks of term 3. For all coaching enquiries please email coaching@vassallotennis.com.au
  • Community competition must be cancelled until further notice. All planned senior and junior competition have been put on hold
  • All other programmes and activity must cease until further notice
  • Tennis equipment must not be shared
  • Adhering to physical distancing (1.5m) and hygiene protocols is essential
  • No one from outside a lockdown area may play at a facility within the lockdown area – and vice versa
  • Details of everyone entering a tennis facility must be registered for tracking purposes. In order to comply, members and members of the public will only have access to South Morang courts via. the Book-A-Court systems to ensure we have a record of who is on site at all times.
  • All indoor facilities must remain close including clubhouses/rooms

The Lakes South Morang venue will be monitored by Committee, Council and Police.  Any breaches of restrictions and subsequent fines issued, will be the sole responsibility of individual court booking parties.

If you have any questions please submit all your enquiries via. our Contact page.

On behalf of the entire committee, we thank you all for your patience and understanding.