NEJTA Autumn Season 2020 COVID-19 Update

The NEJTA Committee have decided to not cancel the season, but rather suspend the season, with no Round 7 matches to be played on the 21st of March. The Round 7 matches will follow the same rules as the cancelled matches in Round 6, i.e. the premiership points will be split evenly among teams, effectively following the same rules as if the matches had been washed out. The NEJTA Committee will reconvene on Monday the 13th of April to review the commencement of the Autumn 2020 Season subject to the status of the CORVID-19 pandemic. The outcome of this decision will be issued in a statement to all member clubs on Tuesday the 14th of April. The NEJTA will continue to monitor State and Federal announcements during this time.

You can read the full statement from NEJTA here