NEJTA Back Up Plan

Under Stage 3 restrictions, no tennis competition will be allowed to resume.

The six-week lockdown will run past the initial planned start date of 15th August for the Spring 2020 season, meaning that the original plan for the Spring 2020 Season (ten rounds plus finals with six teams per section) is now no longer feasible. The NEJTA is now moving on to their back-up plan: a season which comprises of seven rounds plus finals with eight teams per section. Essentially a half-season where every team plays every other team once followed by a normal finals bracket.

The first round of the Spring 2020 season is now set to Commence on 10 October, provided clubs have been allowed to open and operate by that time.

The NEJTA is committed to trying to run a competition in the latter half of this year if it is at all possible and safe to do so.